Action = Attraction


Don’t worry, I’m not against Powerpoint in general. But when your company has initiated a change process or is in the middle of cultural integration because of a merger or acquisition (or any other similar situation), you DO NOT NEED endless presentations about every possible theory, what other case studies have shown, what glorious future lies ten years ahead etc. Too much Powerpoint kills the heart and soul of your project!

Personally, I love to get the dialogue going! Whether it’s a cultural integration or any other change process, it’s all about trust, losing the fear, finding common ground to stand on and building a new identity/ routine/ structure.

What to keep, what to lose, what to change and what to add to the cocktail of your organization and your team.

Of course powerpoint can help visualize some parts of the knowledge, but let’s get to action and build from there. Under construction, my favorite place to be!


Something else: Sometimes board members or CXO’s say to me that cultural integration will happen naturally. “Let’s talk again two years down the line”.

Don’t let the cultural aspect wait for too long! Because the fact is: culture is there everyday, all day. And when your employees don’t feel happy in your new, combined jungle anymore, beware of the consequences. Bad things could happen…Don’t wait and get into action as soon as possible, because action from your side actually translates into attention and care for your employees.

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