I do! Do you?

Building bridges, closing the gap, that’s what I’m all about. I truly believe everyone can be happy and fulfilled, in life and in business. So I built my own life and business around that. And it all comes down, at one point or another, to leadership, even personal leadership. Taking control over your life and your choices.

Happily ever after

Weddings make me sparkle, they do. Romance in the air, flowers, everyone is dressed nicely; people going out of their way to create this perfect day, “best day of your life” even. This special day when two people join their life paths, two families merge.

Congratulations to the courageous couple!

But a lot of work lies ahead; the adventure is only beginning. There are going to be differences, arguments, hardship. Learning how to sail together is definitely going to bring about wet clothes or even near shipwreck.

Both parties are going to need some form of advice, sooner or later; from mother, father, siblings, friends, a therapist maybe even. And that’s all fine. All efforts aimed at letting the ship sail the seas of life. By all means.

So, how about organizations?

After a lifetime of intercultural training and learning a vast number of languages, I got fascinated by organizations; that “business family” where you spend so much time. The place where you live and learn, have some laughs, experience stress, friendship, downturn, growth?

When all is blossoming and peachy, organizations are already interesting, but I find it particularly intriguing when change is peeking around the corner. Especially when you look at the leadership inside the organization; how do the team leaders, managers, etc. communicate? What do they actually do? How do they keep each individual motivated? Engaged? Inspired?

Every organization is different of course and when companies reach out for help to make any change a success, that’s just wonderful. But no consultant, including me, is a wonder pill on his or her own. We have to work together and move forward together to make it actually work.

When two worlds collide

Mergers and acquisitions, especially cross border, are my favorite playground. Because even though it may not seem romantic, but it could turn out life altering. Two companies exchanging their vows and building a future, a joint identity. How to become stronger together, with more engaged employees, better results and the idea coming to reality. Employees that believe in the marriage will also be committed to let the new ship sail the business seas.

In order to set sail I believe in developing strong and inspiring leadership that suits the new identity, the new teams and the new vision. Walking the talk and making sure every family member feels at home, inspired to give it their all.

I do. 

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